Me subo a la torre


This chant is found in more than one Spanish-speaking country, at least in Mexico and Panama. There are different versions.


(Traditional chant)

Me subo a la torre,
toco la campana,
el padre me regaña,
me hace una pregunta,
y yo se la contesto así:
chivirivirí porompompón.

English Translation – I Climb the Tower

I climb the tower
I ring the bell
the father scolds me,
he asks me a question,
and I answer like this:
chivirivirí porompompon. (nonsense syllables)

Hand-Clapping Motions

Version 1 – Two students face each other with their right hands up (facing down) and left hands down (facing up). On the steady beat, right hands come down and meet the left hands of the partners. This is followed by a high five with the partner.  Continue to repeat these motions repeatedly.

Version 2 – (see video below) Both partners hold palms in front facing each other, with the backs of the right hands touching. Clap hands, then both right hands go up and clap, then clap own hands, then right hands go down and clap, then clap own hands again. Continue to repeat these motions repeatedly.

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