Kagome Kagome

Lyrics – Transliteration

Kagome kagome
Kago no naka no tori wa
Itsu itsu deyaru
Yoake no ban ni
Tsuru to kame ga subetta
Ushiro no shoumen daare

Translation – Caged bird*

Caged bird, caged bird
The bird in the basket/cage,
When, oh when will it come out
In the night of dawn
The crane and turtle slipped
Who is behind you now?

*The exact meaning of this song is disputed. (source)

Japanese – かごめかごめ



Formation: Students stand in a circle (holding hands) around one student sitting blindfolded in the middle, who is the “Oni” (ogre, or “It”)

Students sing and walk in a circle around “It.” When the song stops, “It” tries to name the person standing directly behind him/her.

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Extras for Plus Members

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
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