Rhythm: Drawing & Coloring Notes

Hidden Pictures

  • Color Quarter Notes

  • Color Half Notes

  • Jingle Bells Color By Note (Whole, Half, Quarter & Eighth Notes)

Coloring Notes

  • Quarter Note & Rest & Eighth Notes – available on this page

  • Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth – available on this page

Draw Notes & Rests

  • Quarter Note and Quarter Rest

  • Quarter Note, Quarter Rest and Eighth Notes

  • Half Note & Rest, Quarter Note & Rest, Eighth Notes

See also

Extras for Plus Members

(or available for purchase here)

  • 3 Hidden Pictures
  • 4 Drawing Notes & Rests Worksheets

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    1. If you are a plus member, you can download the pdf (scroll down where you see “Printable pdfs below.”) for this and hundreds of other downloadable pdfs across the whole website! 🙂

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