Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood

I love this book! I like to read each page, and then the children act it out (they can add bubbles). Sometimes I play the piano while they move; I improvise different styles to fit the words. If you prefer, here are some listening suggestions you can play as they move.

Quick…cricket = A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun (Blake Tyson) – AmazoniTunes | YouTube

Slow…snail = String Quartet, “The Wide Missouri”: I. Very Slow, Sustained (Michael Horvit) –  iTunes

Small…ant = Sonata for keyboard in G minor, K. 12 (L. 489) (Scarlatti) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Large…whale = Eccles: Sonata in G Minor: I. Largo – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Sad…bassett = Ase’s Death (Edvard Grieg) – Amazon | YouTube

Happy…lark = Flute Concerto in D Major, Op. 283: I. Allegro Molto Moderato (Carl Reinecke) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Nice…bunny = Sensuality (Relaxing Songs) – Smooth Jazz – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Mean…shark = Jaws: Main Title / First Victim (John Williams) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Cold…toad = Embroider Small Bags, Chen Tao, 50 Timeless Tunes, Chinese Instruments – Amazon | iTunes

Hot…fox = El Palo, Tito Puente & his orchestra – Amazon

Weak…kitten = Water Music, Relaxing Piano Music – Amazon | iTunes

Strong…ox = Night on Bare Mountain (Mussorgsky)

Loud…lion = Carmina Burana: I. O Fortuna (Orff) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Quiet…clam = Arabesque (Debussy) – Amazon | YouTube

Tough…rhino = 4th String Quartet Sz 91. V. Allegro molto (Bartok) – Amazon | YouTube

Gentle…lamb = Liebestraum (Liszt) – Amazon

Brave…tiger = Gongs and Drums to Welcome New Year (IV. Lohan Has Fun With the Lion) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

Shy…shrimp = Clair de Lune (Debussy) – Amazon | YouTube

Tame…poodle = Eine kleine Nachtmusik: Andante (Mozart) – AmazonYouTube

Wild…chimp = African Drums Jembe Drums – Amazon | iTunes

Lazy…lizard = Valse Triste (Sibelius) – Amazon | YouTube

Busy…bee = The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Op. 57: Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov) – Amazon | YouTube

Me = Celebration (Kool and the Gang) – Amazon | iTunes | YouTube

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