Rhode Island’s It For Me


This is the official song of the state Rhode Island, U.S.


I’ve been to every state we have,
and I think I’m inclined to say
that Rhody stole my heart:
You can keep the forty-nine.

1. Herring gulls that dot the sky,
blue waves that paint the rocks,
water rich with Neptune’s life,
the boats that line the docks.
I see the lighthouse flickering
to help the sailors see.
There’s a place for everyone:
Rhode Island’s it for me.

Rhode Island, oh Rhode Island
surrounded by the sea.
Some people roam the earth for home;
Rhode Island’s it for me.

2. The skyline piercing Providence,
the State House dome so rare.
residents who speak their minds;
no longer unaware!
Roger Williams would be proud to see his colony,
so don’t sell short this precious port:
Rhode Island’s it for me!

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