You’re at a Luau Now


(Hawaiian folk song)

First you ‘ai (eye) some fish and poi
Pipikaula and some moi
Then you have some okolehau
You’re at a luau now

Then you taste kalua pig
Ina, wana, limu too
Ina mona and haupia
You’re at a luau now

The poi is `ula`ula, kamanu is too
And laulau tastes so good to you
`Alamihi and `opihi is always okay
The chicken and the laiki loloa

The hula girlies dance for you
Kanes and wahines too
In the true Hawaiian style
You’re at a luau now

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1 thought on “You’re at a Luau Now”

  1. Ha'alilio Heyer

    Thank you for sharing this song with musical notes! Very few people sing it now days. There are a couple of words in this song just for clarity (okolehao and kamano) that may have been written according to how Mel Peterson heard it back in the day as okolehau and kamanu. His hapa haole composition’s are Hawaiian hula and Hawaiian song classics as you know.


    Kamano = salmon—off-0hdict–00-1—-0-10-0—0—0direct-10-ED–4–textpukuielbert%252ctextmamaka—–0-1l–11-haw-Zz-1—Zz-1-home-Okolehao–00-4-1-00-0–4—-0-0-11-00-0utfZz-8-00&q=kamano&fqv=textpukuielbert%252ctextmamaka&af=1&fqf=ED

    I don’t have the original music sheet with score and lyrics by Mel Peterson of this song but have seen its spelling on Yours is the same. Even in this recording you can hear what sounds like kamanu one time and kamano another time. Same with wahini’s too and wahine’s too. In any case, your website is a find and greatly appreciated

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