(Native American folk song, Sioux)

Epa, epanay, nay,
Epa, epanay, nay,
Epa, epanay, nay,
Epanay, ya na hinny yo way. (clap clap)

Recorder Notes A, B, D'

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  • Downloadable song in 2 keys (PDF)
  • MIDI file
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6 thoughts on “Epanay”

  1. As a Dakota, I have never heard of this song. The words don’t sound like any Dakota words I am familiar with. I have been a singer at powwows, sun dance, and other ceremonies. i have never heard of this. Where did it come from. What tribe? Are there any recordings of the original?

    1. Hi Leo! Thank you so much for your comment! I really value your input! You obviously know much more about it than I do! Here are two online sources of this song, but both seem to have been taken down. Do you have any songs you would like to contribute to my website? Thanks! Beth

  2. I have always heard it with the last two measure repeated. There is some variation on the notes for those last two measures, but they’re always done twice (which makes it more fun to catch the claps anyway 🙂 )

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