Brincan y bailan

Lyrics - Spanish

(Castilian folk song, Spain)

En Belén tocan a fuego,
del Portal salen las llamas,
porque dicen que ha nacido
el Redentor de las almas.

Brincan y bailan los peces en el río,
brincan y bailan por ver a Dios nacido.
Brincan y bailan los peces en el agua,
brincan y bailan de ver nacida el alba.

English Translation – Jump and dance

In Bethlehem they touch a fire,
From the doorway the flames eminate,
Because they say He has been born,
the Redeemer of souls.
Jump and dance the fish of the river,
Jump and dance at seeing God being born,
Jump and dance the fish in the water,
Jump and dance at the birth of dawn.

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3 thoughts on “Brincan y bailan”

  1. Judi Tarter Jones

    What about this verse..
    A Belen van los pastores
    Llenos de santa alegria
    Para festejar al nino
    De Jose y de Maria

    This version I taught…forgot the source

  2. Judi Tarter Jones

    Sorry…that above was one of the verses in the version of Brincan y Bailan that I taught. But now I don’t find it online anywhere. Can’t remember the source, but I think it came along with one of the textbooks I used back in the 90’s or early 2000’s. Thanks.

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