The Cat Came Back


1. Freddie Wilson had a cat that he didn’t want to keep,
He offered it for sale, but no one would buy it cheap.
He called upon the preacher to ask for his advice,
The preacher said just leave him here, for it would be so nice.

But the cat came back; she wouldn’t stay away,
She was sitting on the porch on the very next day.
The cat came back; she didn’t want to roam.
The very next day it was home sweet home!

2. Freddie put the cat on board with a man in a balloon,
Who would give the cat away to the man up in the moon,
The balloon it didn’t rise, it burst in bits instead,
Ten miles away they found the man stone dead. Refrain

3. Now the cat sat on the porch and he ate a piece of cheese,
An Irishman came by, he was feeling well at ease.
The cat he was a-smiling, for he was fully fed;
The Irishman sang “Britannia!” and the cat fell dead. Final Refrain

Final Refrain
But his ghost came back, he wouldn’t stay away,
He was sitting on the porch on the very next day.
His ghost came back, he didn’t want to roam,
He haunted Freddie’s house and his home sweet home.

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