Ai Hai Yo

Lyrics – Transliteration

Āi hāi yō, āi hāi yō, āi hāi yō hāi yō
Wēnhé tàiyáng zhào dàdì,
Xīnnián yǐjīng dào,
Jiā jiā xìngfú,
Míngnián hǎo shōuchéng

Translation – Ai hai yo

Ai hai yo (exclamation of pleasure)
The warm sun shines on earth
The new year has arrived,
May every household be happy
May next year have a good harvest

Mandarin Lyrics – 哎 嗨 哟


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7 thoughts on “Ai Hai Yo”

  1. I need to have some students perform a Chinese song at an upcoming performance. Did you write the orff arrangement? If so, can you send it to me.

  2. Hello, I am Chinese and studying in the United States. I am trying to find the Chinese version of this song. Could you mind send me the Chinese score of this song? Thanks so much! Lyla

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