Ai Hai Yo

Lyrics – Transliteration

Ai hai yo, ai hai yo, ai hai yo hai yo.
Wen he tai yan dao ta di,
Xin nian an yi jing dao
Jing jia xin fu nong tian hao shou chung.


The warm sun shines on earth
Already arrive
Every family happy
Next year good harvest

Mandarin Lyrics – 哎 嗨 哟


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  • Song with chords, English version (PDF)
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7 thoughts on “Ai Hai Yo”

  1. I need to have some students perform a Chinese song at an upcoming performance. Did you write the orff arrangement? If so, can you send it to me.

  2. Hello, I am Chinese and studying in the United States. I am trying to find the Chinese version of this song. Could you mind send me the Chinese score of this song? Thanks so much! Lyla

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