Ai hai yo, ai hai yo, ai hai yo hai yo.
Wen he tai yan dao ta di,
Xin nian an yi jing dao
Jing jia xin fu nong tian hao shou chung.

I found this song in the book:¬†Sing ‘Round the World Vol. 2 by Shirley W. McRae.

(Her English translation is included in the book.) However, in trying to find out more about the Mandarin lyrics, I had to ask a friend for help. According to my friend, Rev. Melvin Tai, he found some problems with the English pronunciation in the McRae version. He says this text is not standard and was probably written by someone who may not be a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker. Therefore, he found it impossible to be completely sure of the lyrics and translation without the original text. He said:

“Long hur tai yang dur tu di. Sheen nian yi jin dao lai
makes more sense as:
Wen he tai yang dao ta di, xin nian yi jing dao lai
Warm sun shining on the great earth, spring (new year) has arrived.”

When I asked him about this line…
Jia jia sheen fu nong tian hao shou chung
he said,
“This is not correct pronunciation, but I think it means:
Wishing every one is happy, and have a good harvest.
These kinds of greetings during New Year are very Chinese.”

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