Music Program: Music is Everywhere

For this program, I chose songs that reflect how music has meaning.

Speaker: This next song was written by Joseph Shabalala of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a South African singing group. During apartheid years, he was in New York missing his family in South Africa. The words mean “Be still my heart, even here I am at home.” We will do quiet stomping while we sing, a modified form of dance of the Zulu people – just soft enough to show their anger for apartheid without getting thrown in jail.

  • Thula Klizeo (Joseph Shabalala “Be still my heart, even here I am at home” – dance from Zulu people in South Africa) – Dance instructions available in this book: Sing and Shine On, by Nick Page

Speaker: And, of course, there’s our National Anthem, which was written during the War of 1812. Our flag was still flying over the fort in Baltimore, even after the British bombing all night. Would you please stand and join us as we sing?


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