Composition-mi, so, la

Lesson 1

  1. Demonstrate xylophone – which note is which (only mi, so and la: E, G and A)
  2. I play a pattern on xylophone as I sing on solfege, they sing back, then add Curwen hand signs
  3. Pass out paper xylophone, students practice “playing” a few times (alternate hands)
  4. Students get 2 turns: one with regular mallets, second with backwards mallets (playing with sticks).
  5. I sing patterns, they play back on xylophones.
  6. They practice Bounce High, Bounce Low (or another mi, so, la song they are already familiar with) with sticks (backwards mallets) – they just try it out, see if they can do it

Lesson 2

  1. Sing Lucy Locket (another song they have learned previously)
  2. Pass out “Lucy Locket – Write the Song” page – students get clipboards and pencils, sit near board. I demonstrate how to write notes and write the entire song on the board. They can copy what I wrote or use the back of their paper to copy the notes onto the blank staff. I check their work.
  3. If time, play Lucy Locket game.

Lesson 3

  1. Pass out Handwriting Practice sheet – partners can help each other, then show me.

  2. Practice patterns on paper xylophones

  3. Practice patterns with partner holding paper up
  4. Lucy Locket game

Lesson 4

  1. Practice melodic patterns from last lesson’s worksheet on paper xylophones
  2. Students take turns on xylophones – practice patterns I sing, then echo
  3. Then, turn mallets backwards and make up patterns
  4. Teach chant: Shine in your Heart.
  5. Pass out composition papers – get partners. Practice possible melodic patterns with partners with the poem’s rhythm.

Lesson 5

  1. Sit next to partner. Both practice song on paper xylophones.
  2. If you have finished practicing on xylophone, write notes on staff.
  3. to teacher to type on the Sibelius program.

Lesson 6

  1. Practice on xylophones & paper xylophones
  2. Write notes on computer copy (some finish writing on staff)

Lesson 7

  1. Practice song
  2. Perform


  • Paper Xylophone

xyl players

Partners help each other learn to play their own compositions. One person holds the music, the other plays. Then they switch.

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  • Lesson ideas, Lucy Locket “Write the Song,” Music Handwriting Practice Worksheet, Paper Xylophone, Composition Worksheet, Rubric

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