Composition-mi, so, la

Lesson 1

  1. Demonstrate xylophone – which note is which (only mi, so and la: E, G and A)
  2. I play a pattern on xylophone as I sing on solfege, they sing back, then add Curwen hand signs
  3. Pass out paper xylophone, students practice “playing” a few times (alternate hands)
  4. Students get 2 turns: one with regular mallets, second with backwards mallets (playing with sticks).
  5. I sing patterns, they play back on xylophones.
  6. They practice Bounce High, Bounce Low (or another mi, so, la song they are already familiar with) with sticks (backwards mallets) – they just try it out, see if they can do it

Lesson 2

  1. Sing Lucy Locket (another song they have learned previously)
  2. Pass out “Lucy Locket – Write the Song” page – students get clipboards and pencils, sit near board. I demonstrate how to write notes and write the entire song on the board. They can copy what I wrote or use the back of their paper to copy the notes onto the blank staff. I check their work.
  3. If time, play Lucy Locket game.

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Handouts / Worksheet / Assessment

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