Ludwig van Beethoven

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Quick Facts

  • Born in Germany, lived most of his life in Austria
  • Played piano and violin
  • Father treated him badly and forced him to practice for long hours
  • Father wanted him to become a child prodigy like Mozart
  • Became deaf in his late 40’s
  • Composed 9 symphonies (piece of music played by an orchestra)
  • Two famous symphonies = No. 5 and No. 9
  • No. 9 includes Ode to Joy
  • Composed Für Elise, written for the piano
  • Added more instruments to the orchestra than composers before him
  • Used more emotions in his music than composers before him
  • Classical Period = style of music that Mozart wrote in (before Beethoven)
  • Ushered in the Romantic Period


Fifth Symphony – Listening Examples

These are great youtube videos of Beethoven’s 5th below. It’s impressive to think how important this piece is that it is so often reproduced!

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  • Beethoven Poster, Emotions Worksheet, Beethoven Crossword, Word Search & Assessment
  • Beethoven PowerPoint
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  1. Ooh Beth
    Fabulous ! I’ve recently become Music Lead in my Primary School, although I can read treble clef and have a love of music – delivery of music lessons has been a steep learning curve
    Finding and joining your website is like having an early birthday – joy

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