Shake That Little Foot Dinah-O


1. Old Aunt Dinah went to town
Riding a billy goat, leading a hound,

Shake that little foot, Dinah-o,
Shake that little foot, Dinah-o.

2. Hound dog barked and billy goat jumped,
Set Aunt Dinah straddle of a stump, Refrain

3. Sift the meal and save the bran,
Give it to the old cow to make her stand, Refrain

4. Old Aunt Dinah sick in bed,
Sent for the doctor, the doctor said, Refrain

5. Get up, Dinah, you ain’t sick,
All you need is a hickory stick, Refrain

6. I like sugar in my coffee-o,
Some folks they won’t have it, no, Refrain

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