Olele Moliba Makasi


This song is sung as a lullaby or by canoe paddlers to paddle on the steady beat. (source)

Lyrics - Kimbundu

(Folk song from the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Olele, olele moliba makasi
Olele Mboka na ye, mboka, mboka kasai-ï
Mboka na ye, mboka na ye, mboka, mboka, kasai-ï
Olele, olele moliba makasi
Eeo, eeeeo,
Benguela aya
Oya oya, oya oya…
Olele, olele moliba makasi

English Translation - Ten fingers

Olele! Olele! The current is very strong
Row! Row! His country, His country is the Kasai*.
Olele! Olele! The current is very strong.
Eh eho, eh eh eheho, let Benguela** come!
Come! Come! The courageous one.
Come! Come! The generous one.
Come! Come!
Olele! Olele! The current is very strong

*Uele and Kasai are rivers in Congo.
**Benguala is a cold current in the waters off the south west coast of Africa that brings winds with it.

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