So-La-Mi! (I pronounce it like “salami.”)

(1) I sing a pattern of solfege with Curwen hand signs.

  • In 2nd grade, I only sing mi, so and la in different orders, such as:




  • In 3rd grade, I sing syllables do, re, mi, so, and la. I begin by only singing 3 notes at a time. I make it more difficult by singing a longer pattern, such as:


(2) They echo.

(3) If I sing “so la mi” in that exact order, they do not echo.

(4) All students stand. If they echo correctly with hand signs to the best of their ability, they keep playing. If not, they are out. If anyone even begins to sing after I sing “so la mi,” he/she is out. I tell everyone not to argue and not to tell on anyone else. We play this game for only a few minutes, and I minimize any winning and losing. I tell them it doesn’t really matter. We are just practicing our singing.

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