Clip Behavior System

In our school we use a clip system for behavior.

Clips start on “Go” – and if a student misbehaves, they or I move a clip (there are no names, since I have 600+ students) to “Caution.” That just means “warning.” If a student has to move to “Stop,” that means “time out.”

Here are the clip art signs you can use to make your own chart.

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4 thoughts on “Clip Behavior System”

  1. Kellie Jorgenson

    Since you can’t have names on the clips, how do you keep track of which student is which? Do they have class numbers that they know? I can’t imagine my Kindergarteners would know their numbers very quickly and be able to identify them by sight for a few months. Just curious how you use this with the younger ones?

    1. Good question! I have the student go move a clip (any clip), and believe me, they will remember (as will everyone else in class). In each class period I might only have 1 to 3 students who need to move a clip. And, we all remember who those students were. I also make a mark on my seating chart, which helps me grade their participation.

    1. I have done it differently over the years. You could have the student sit apart from the other students for a few minutes. You could tell them when to join the class, or they could set a timer, or they could rejoin when they feel like they are ready.

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