Hallelujah Chorus & Handel

I enjoy teaching the Hallelujah Chorus to 5th graders in December – because they hear it in public places, movies, etc. during the holidays. We look at the Hallelujah Chorus listening map (see below), learn some facts about Handel and SATB choral parts, watch a video that’s a reenactment of Handel’s life, and assess.

Handouts / Worksheets / Assessment

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(See downloads at bottom of page.)

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Quick Facts

  • Born in Germany
  • As a child, played harpsichord and organ
  • Played violin, harpsichord, organ & piano
  • Harpsichord – feather quills plucking strings
  • Age 19, lived in Italy, wrote Italian operas, then oratorios
  • Oratorio = like opera, but less = story (usually serious or religious) sung without acting or costumes
  • Age 56, poor health, much debt, few friends, wrote most famous oratorio, the Messiah.
  • Most famous piece from the MessiahHallelujah Chorus = sung by choir, accompanied by orchestra
  • Four main singing parts of choir: soprano (high women’s voices), alto (low women’s voices), tenor (high men’s voices), bass (low men’s voices)


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  • Handel Handout, Word Search, Crossword, Assessment, Hallelujah Chorus Listening Map (PDF)
  • PowerPoint
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