Multiple Instruments

Aiken Drum (my adapted version)
Canta ríe bebe (zambomba, tambourine, drum, violin)
Cat Came Fiddling (fiddle, bagpipes)
For Patriots’ Day (bells, drum)
Go Mississippi (cymbals, bells)
Happy New Year (Hark, Hark) (chimes, bells)
I am a Fine Musician
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (horn, banjo)
Instrument Song (Orchestra Song)
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (horns, trumpet)
Juan Pirulero
King of France (drums, horns)
Las navidades (drums, guiro, maracas)
Little Birch Tree (flutes, balalaika)
Niño Manuelito-Peru (rattles, drums)
Patapan (drums, flute)