July 2016 eBundle

July 2016 eBundle


25 pages in one downloadable pdf*

Circle Dances

  • Goin’ to Boston
    • Orff Arrangement
    • Adapted Version
  • Old Betty Larkin
    • 2 Orff Arrangements


  • ABA: Okki Tokki Unga
    • Hand Clapping
    • Orff Arrangement
  • AB (or Partner Song): Goodnight Ladies
    • Merrily We Roll Along – Student Copies
  • Call & Response: Old Jeremiah
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Round: Sweetly Sings the Donkey
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Cumulative Song: My Little Rooster
    • Rhythm Visuals

Choral Singing

  • Autumn Comes
  • Sing Together

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