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Recorders the Easy Way - Volume 1 (B,A,G,E,D) Super Bundle

25 songs that are fun to sing, easy to learn, and stick in your head! All of these songs are flexible and adaptable to your situation!

Includes SEVEN downloadable digital products*:

  • Teacher Book
  • 3 PowerPoints
  • Reproducible & Visual Book
  • Student Book
  • Free with Purchase! Chord Book

*This is a digital product, and as such, there are no refunds. Nothing will be shipped to you. Please make certain you are purchasing the correct product. After check out, you will receive an email (check your spam folder). If you have any questions, you can contact me at The download link will stay active for 8 days.


  • Teacher Book (27 pages) = Includes 25 songs [24 are folk songs or chants / nursery rhymes & 1 original song] with lesson plans. Some songs lend themselves to be taught by reading the notes first. Others are better taught by rote. Some have movements and games that you can add. Others have Orff arrangements. And some have ideas for improvisation and composition. It also includes 5 pages of practical tips and tricks for starting the recorder unit.
  • Reproducible & Visual Book (198 pages) = 3 versions of each of the songs, treble clef flash cards, recorder fingering posters, parent note home, parts of the recorder poster, and much more.
  • Student Book (48 pages) = Includes the rights to make copies for all of your students, present and future! Each song has lines under the notes for students to fill in the letter names. In a unique set of pages at the end, there are customizable half-pages that can be photocopied on the bottom of each song page. These pages include: blank staffs for composing, recorder fingers, staffs for note writing practice, Parts of the Recorder Handout, Recorder Word Search.
  • Chord Book (48 pages) = Each song has 2 sets of chords: the easy and the “more interesting” version.
  • 3 PowerPoints (238 slides) = Include 3 versions of each song, with lyrics, without lyrics and with the letters written underneath the notes, larger visuals of rhythms, Orff parts, recorder fingerings, etc. The images on the PowerPoints can be copied and pasted into other applications.
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