Big Fat Biscuit

Lyrics (Folk song) Big fat biscuit, chew-ba-loo, Just from the oven, chew-ba-loo, Jump over yonder, chew-ba-loo. Game Formation: Small group of students stand in a line. On the last word of the song or after the song ends, when everyone

Let Me Fly

Lyrics (African American Spiritual) 1. Way down yonder in the middle of the field, Angel workin’ on the chariot wheel. Not so particular ‘bout workin’ at the wheel, But I just want-a see how the chariot feels. Refrain Now let

Johnny’s My Boy

Lyrics (Folk song from Ghana & Cameroon) Johnny’s my boy, I sent him to school To learn how to spell John Bull, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny See also Countries: Ghana / Cameroon Rhythm: syncopation Source: The World of Music 5, Silver

Hey Lidee

Lyrics (American folk song) Refrain Hey lidee, lidee, lidee, Hey lidee, lidee-lo. Hey lidee, lidee, lidee, Hey lidee, lidee-lo. 1. This is a silly kind of song, Hey lidee, lidee-lo. You make it up as you go along, Hey lidee,

All Around the Green Apple Tree

Lyrics (American folk song) All around the green apple tree Where the grass grows so sweet Miss Margie, Miss Margie, Please turn back your back He wrote you a letter To turn back your back. Game Formation: Students stand in

Just From the Kitchen

Lyrics (Folk song) Just from the kitchen, shoo-li-loo,With a handful of biscuits, shoo-li-loo,I know you don’t like ’em, shoo-li-loo,But you can’t do without ’em, shoo-li-loo,Please Mr. Johnson, shoo-li-loo,Fly away over yonder, shoo-li-loo Circle Game Formation: Students stand or sit in

Caney mi macaro

Lyrics – Spanish (Folk song) Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney caney (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat)Caney caney (repeat)Caney mi macaro (repeat) Translation These words are supposedly nonsense.

Linstead Market

Info This song is in the Jamaican mento genre (not Calypso) (source).This is about a woman going to market trying to sell her fruit, but having no success. I omitted the verses about the woman’s children going hungry. Lyrics (Jamaican

We Born Dey

Info Also called “You Born Deh” and “We Bawn De,” this song is in Kriol (Creole) and is said to be a patriotic Belizean song. Lyrics (Folk song from Belize) We born dey, we born dey, Tell dem that we

Little Lap-Dog Lullaby

Lyrics (American folk song) Refrain Come up horsey, hey hey, Come up horsey, hey, hey. Mama’s going to buy him a little lap-dog, Mama’s going to buy him a little lap-dog, Mama’s going to buy him a little lap-dog, Going
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