Do, Re, Mi Songs

Songs Based on a Scale of Do Re Mi (trichord) Ain’t Gonna Ring No More Agua de limón All Through the Night Allison’s Camel Amina Tolé Au Clair de la Lune Awe bebëe Babylon’s Falling Can nənə Closet Key Down ...

Curwen hand signs

Visuals (See downloads at bottom of page.) See also Solfege resources Melody resources Printable & Digital Curwen Hand Sign Visuals Download PDF Download PPT

Music Room: Solfege with Velcro

Bulletin Board Idea I put my Solfege display on the front bulletin board. It helps to have this flip system with the spiral binder and Velcro pieces. Different grade levels focus on different syllables. When the students aren’t using a syllable, ...
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