Wishy Washy Wee

Lyrics (Folk song) Oh we are two sailors come from o’er the sea,If you want to go away again, come along with me. RefrainOh wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy wee,If you want to go away again, come along with …

Trot Old Joe

Lyrics Trot Old Joe, trot Old Joe,You ride better’n any horse I know.Trot Old Joe, trot Old Joe,You’re the best horse in the country-o.Whoa Joe! Walk Old Joe… Gallop Old Joe… Trot slow Joe… Trot fast Joe… See also songs …

Just From the Kitchen

Lyrics (Folk song) Just from the kitchen, shoo-li-loo,With a handful of biscuits, shoo-li-loo,I know you don’t like ’em, shoo-li-loo,But you can’t do without ’em, shoo-li-loo,Please Mr. Johnson, shoo-li-loo,Fly away over yonder, shoo-li-loo Circle Game Formation: Students stand or sit in …

Naass naass Blieder

Lyrics – Luxembourgish (Folk song from Luxembourg) Naass naass Blieder, haut ass elle Wieder.De Reemännche schläicht ëm d’HausA schëtt seng grousseg Eem’ren aus.Op wien? Op wien? Op dech, dech, dech! English Translation – Wet wet Leaves Wet wet leaves, today …

Leak Kanseng

Info This song and game is used in New Year celebrations. Lyrics – Transliteration Cambodian folk song) Leak Kanseng!Chhma khaaim keng!Oh long oh long English Translation – Hide the towel Hide the towel,Cats bite,Drag! Drag! (source) Cambodian / Khmer – …

Thanksgiving Round

Lyrics (Composer unknown) Now the farmer sows his field,Its increase soon the ground will yield. Now the fields are bright and green,The yellow corn will soon be seen. Now the reapers’ sickles ring,And harvest home they gladly sing. See also …

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Song Song of the Dragon (ostinato) See also Recorder Songs & Resources

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Songs Gobble Gobble (ostinato) Le forgeron (ostinato) See also Recorder Songs & Resources

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Songs Grand Old Duke of York (countermelody) I Saw Three Ships (countermelody) Pray God Bless (countermelody) Thanksgiving Round (ostinato) See also Recorder Songs & Resources

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Song Sakura (countermelody) See also Recorder Songs & Resources

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