1st grade

In and Out chant

Lyrics In and out (rest) Round-about (rest) O-U-T and That spells out! (rest) See also chants quarter note & rest songs / chants Extras for Plus Members Printable & Digital Visuals Chant, Lesson ideas (PDF)

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Lyrics Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Had a wife and couldn’t keep her. Put her in a pumpkin shell And there he left her very well. See also nursery rhymes call & response songs fall songs Halloween songs Thanksgiving songs songs …

Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins  Sitting on a gate The first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late!” The second one said, “Let’s dance, let’s prance, The third one said, “Now is our chance!” The fourth one said, “Let’s run, run run!” …

Going Over the Sea

Lyrics When I was one I ate a bun, Going over the sea. I jumped aboard the sailorman’s ship, The sailorman said to me: “Going over, going under, Stand at attention like a soldier With a one, two, three! When …

Rhythm Practice Cards for early readers

Ta and ti-ti Visuals   Quarter and eighth note / rest Visuals   More 4/4 Visuals See this page for similar visuals in 3/4 meter See also meter resources rhythm resources Extras for Plus Members Printable & Digital Visuals

1st & 2nd Grade Music Programs

These can be adapted for different grade levels.                                  See also 3rd, 4th, 5th grade program ideas Programs Choral resources

1st Grade Assessment: Up / Down Melody Quiz

  Idea – Use this Glockenspiel Coloring Sheet to help prepare the students for the assessment.   See also 1st Grade Rhythm Assessments High & Low / Up & Down Resources Extras for Plus Members Melody Up/Down Assessment & Glockenspiel Coloring …

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