1st grade

Going Over the Sea

Lyrics When I was one I ate a bun, Going over the sea. I jumped aboard the sailorman’s ship, The sailorman said to me: “Going over, going under, Stand at attention like a soldier With a one, two, three! When …

Rhythm Practice Cards for early readers

Ta and ti-ti Visuals   Quarter and eighth note / rest Visuals   More 4/4 Visuals See this page for similar visuals in 3/4 meter See also Meter resources Rhythm visuals Rhythm resources Extras for Plus Members Printable & Digital Visuals

1st & 2nd Grade Music Programs

These can be adapted for different grade levels.                                  See also 3rd, 4th, 5th grade program ideas Programs Choral resources

1st Grade Up / Down Melody Assessment

  This assessment available on this page: High & Low Resources Idea – Use this Xylophone Handout to help prepare the students for the assessment. Available on this page: High Low Resources   See also 1st Grade Rhythm Assessments High …

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