Kāhuli is a “land snail” or “tree-shell”  that lives in the woods in Hawaii. They make chirping sounds like crickets. It is said that this is the song they sing in the evenings. (source) (source)

Lyrics - Hawaiian

(Hawaiian folk song)

Kāhuli aku,
Kāhuli mai,
Kāhuli lei ula,
Lei akolea.
Kolea, kolea,
Ki’i ka wai,
Wai akolea,
Wai akolea.

English Translation - Trill a-far

Trill a-far,
Trill a-near,
A dainty song-wreath,
Wreath akolea*.
Kolea*, Kolea,
Fetch me some dew,
Dew from pink akolea.

akolea = fern
Kolea = red-breasted plover (bird)


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