Echen confites


This song is traditionally sung in Mexico at Christmastime. (source: Favorite Spanish Folksongs, Paz)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Echen confites y canelones
Para los niños que son muy tragones.

Anda, nenita, no te dilates
Con la canasta de los cacahuates.

De los pinitos a los ocotes
Saltan y brincan los tejocotes.

¡No quiero oro, ni quiero plata,
Y lo que es quebrar la piñata

English Translation – Throw candies

Throw candies and cannelloni
For children who are very greedy.

Come on, baby, don’t delay
With the basket of peanuts.

From the pine to the ocote (pine)
The Mexican Hawthorns jump and jump.

I don’t want gold, nor do I want silver,
And what is to break the piñata


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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