Jump, jump, jump Jim Joe
Shake your head and nod your head
And tap your toe
Round, round, round you go
Then you choose another partner
And you jump, Jim Joe

Circle dance

Students stand in 2 concentric circles with the inside circle facing the outside circle. Partners (one student in the outside facing the person in the inside) hold hands and do the following motions.

  • “Jump” = small jump in place each time the word is sung
  • “Jump Jim Joe” = jump 3 times in place
  • “Shake,” “nod,” “tap” = do motions of lyrics
  • “Round…” = walk around in a circle, each person ends up where he/she started
  • “Choose another” = Outside circle steps to the right so each person is facing a new partner. Join hands.
  • “Jump Jim Joe” = jump 3 times in place




The following content is available below to Plus Members:

  • PDF includes:
    • Song with chords
    • Lesson ideas
      • Rhythm
        • Quarter notes & rests, half notes
        • Dotted eighth – sixteenth notes
      • Melody
        • mi, re, do
        • Recorder notes: D,E,G,A,B,C
    • Circle dances – 3 versions
    • Student Copies
    • Printable Rhythm Visuals
      • Song Rhythms
      • Even / Uneven Patterns
    • Printable Melody Visuals
    • Even / Uneven Assessment
  • Digital Rhythm & Melody Visuals
  • MIDI file
  • MP3