BAG Worksheets & Handouts

Worksheets & Handouts

  • BAG on the Staff: This can be handed out to each student for them to cut out the letters and place them on the staff.

  • Blank Staff & BAG Chips: Use this to laminate the staffs and chips.
  • Practice Drawing B, A, G: This can be used as a worksheet to practice drawing BAG on the staff before assessing.

  • Draw B, A, G: This can be used as a worksheet or assessment after they practiced on the worksheet above.

  • Paper Xylophone – BAG: This can be used for each student to practice playing songs before they play on “real” xylophones. Or, while some students are playing on xylophones, other students can practice while waiting their turns.

  • Identify B-A-G

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Extras for Plus Members

  • BAG on the Staff, Blank Staff & BAG chips, Practice Drawing BAG, Draw BAG, Paper Xylophone

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