Epo I Tai Tai E


Epo i tai tai e…
Epo i tai tai epo i tuki tuki,
Epo i tuki tuki e.


This is a strong man
The strong man fights like a bull.

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6 thoughts on “Epo I Tai Tai E”

  1. This is probably not a comment but a question: What is the original or real translation of this song (epo etai tai e) in English? It seems that there are lots of translations when googled. Your response will be very much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Leon! That’s a great question! I am as much at the mercy of the internet translations as you are. I just added a source I just found that states two possible origins of the song (under “Links”). – Beth

  2. Hi Beth. I notice that your version start with ( dddd rm) and lots of other variant start with (s, s, s, s, l, d) what was your source for this version? Thanks.

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