When the Chestnut Leaves Were Falling


1. When the chestnut leaves were falling,
‘Nita was tend-ing her sheep,
By the brook she saw a gypsy
Looking in the water deep.

2. Then he raised his eyes to beg her,
“Give me a drink if you will.”
‘Nita made a cup of rushes
And the gypsy drank his fill.

3. When the chestnut leaves were falling,
‘Nita heard melody float,
As the gypsy whistled sweetly
Like a songbird, note for note.

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3 thoughts on “When the Chestnut Leaves Were Falling”

  1. I learned this song in Memphis, Tennessee when I was a young a 5th grader, 56 years ago. I remembered the words and tune, but it’s good to see I remembered correctly.

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