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Storing instruments in a Music Classroom

Here is how I set up my instruments in my classroom, using the beg, borrow and steal method (i.e. use what you can because the budget is small)! I also got rid of my teacher desk in order to make more space.

When I first started teaching, I was really into control over my instruments. I would pass them out. Later, I learned to let the students pass out the instruments. (I had trained them how to be careful and not play until it was time to play.) So I made my instruments easy to reach. Some were hung on the wall with 3M hooks.

inst hang wall


Others were stored on top of file cabinets and in bins in shelves.

inst bins inst lcass

I kept the xylophones out and ready to use. (When they weren’t in use, they were covered with fabric.)

inst orff class

Dust covers are helpful if you leave your instruments out in the open. You can purchase them (see this video) or you can do what I did and cover them with pieces of fabric or sheets.

I am a fan of open shelves for instruments students can access. Also, it makes it easier for you to grab and go! Here are some examples I found online. Enjoy browsing!

inst class1   inst class2    inst class3    inst class5    inst class6    inst class8    inst class9   inst class10    inst class7    inst class11

^ I love these crates – wouldn’t it be cool if the glocks fit into the crates when it was time to store them?

Labeling & storing xylophones – mostly for the end of the school year, but there are some good ideas in this video.

Storing instruments for music on a cart. (Also check my post here.)

inst class 12    inst class 13    inst class 14    inst class15