Classroom Instruments – Class Set Up & Storage

Storing instruments in a Music Classroom

Here is how I set up my instruments in my classroom, using the beg, borrow and steal method (i.e. use what you can because the budget is small)! I also got rid of my teacher desk in order to make more space.

When I first started teaching, I was really into control over my instruments. I would pass them out. Later, I learned to let the students pass out the instruments. (I had trained them how to be careful and not play until it was time to play.) So I made my instruments easy to reach. Some were hung on the wall with 3M hooks.

Others were stored on top of file cabinets and in bins in shelves.

I kept the xylophones out and ready to use. (When they weren’t in use, they were covered with fabric.)

Dust covers are helpful if you leave your instruments out in the open. You can purchase them (see this video) or you can do what I did and cover them with pieces of fabric or sheets.

I am a fan of open shelves for instruments students can access. Also, it makes it easier for you to grab and go! Here are some examples I found online. Enjoy browsing!

Storing instruments for music on a cart

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6 thoughts on “Classroom Instruments – Class Set Up & Storage”

  1. Storage for glockenspiels: I used paper box lids. I put the glock, small plastic organizing container for extra bars and mallets in the box lid. I stored the box lids spaced out under the risers. When it was time to play the student stood behind the risers and put the glock on the top row of the riser. It really worked well and kept everything together!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I noticed that your Orff instruments are on carts and stand at pretty much the same height. I am considering building my own this summer, and they would not be adjustable. What height do you have all of your xylophones set to? In other words, how many inches is it from the floor to the top of the instrument when it’s sitting on the cart?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jackie!
      Good idea to build your own carts! Actually, I am not in that classroom anymore, so I can’t measure the height. I bought some Orff instrument carts that were adjustable, and I just put some other instruments on top of classroom shelves. I would say it depends on the height of your instruments and height of the kids – and also if you plan to have kids stand or sit. I just did a google search for “height of Orff instrument carts,” and I saw some interesting links. See if those help! Good luck!

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