Each lesson is 30 minutes.

Lesson 8

  • Do Re Mi
  • Play solami game.
  • Prepare for coloring sheets. Students to board to circle so, la or mi.
  • Lucy Locket
    • Teach xylophone parts
    • 2 students play high xylophone part, 2 students play low part
    • Take turns

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

  • Do Re Mi
  • Demonstrate xylophone – which is which
    • I play a pattern on xylophone, they sing back, then with hand signs
  • Pass out paper xylophone, students practice “playing” a few times
  • Students get 2 turns: one with regular mallets, second with backwards mallets.
    • I sing patterns, they play back on xylophones
    • They practice Bounce High with sticks (backwards mallets)

Lesson 12

  • Do Re Mi
  • Lucy Locket
    • Pass out papers – students get clipboards and pencils, sit near board. I demonstrate how to write notes.
  • They finish.
  • Play game

Lesson 13

  • Paper with patterns – practice writing notes – partners help each other, then show me
  • Practice patterns on paper xylophones
  • Practice patterns with partner holding paper up
  • Lucy Locket game

Lesson 14

  • Paper xylophones – practice patterns
    • Students take turns on xylophones – practice patterns I sing, then echo
  • Then, turn mallets backwards and make up patterns
  • Partners – write names, then practice possible patterns with partners.

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