2nd Grade Melody Lessons 1-7

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale with Curwen hand signs
  • Echo tones: mi, so and la
  • Sing Ebeneezer Sneezer again with motions
  • Bounce High with movements / Curwen hand signs
  • Xylophones – each student play scale up and down, then play Ebeneezer Sneezer.
  • Wolf – sing and play game

Lesson 3

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale
  • Teach solami game.
  • So-mi song
  • Bounce High – with bouncy balls – show on board how the notes go up and down.
  • Wolf – sing and play game

Lesson 4

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale
  • Solami game
  • Show mi – so on big floor staff.  Teach lines, spaces, step, skip
  • So-mi song
  • Review Bounce High – 4 students to front, each with a ball held in front of them – from left to right, have the students tell the students in what position to hold their “notes” to notate “Bounce high, bounce low”– I show ball motion and notate on board (2-lined staff)
  • Hand out balls- Sing Bounce High, Wolf.

Lesson 5

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale
  • Play solami.
  • Sing Bounce High w/motions & balls at their seats. As we “notate” the song in the air with the balls, I show them how to start on the left and move to the right a little bit for every note.
  • Introduce staff, treble clef, G clef, step, skip, line, space
  • Purple felt staffs – 3-lined side – students to put “dots” on
    • Lines and spaces – I say “Put a note on line 1… space 3…”
    • So-mi – I say “Put a note on line 2. If this is “so,” where would “mi” go?” (I tell them that “mi” is a copycat to “so” and always goes on whatever “so” is on (line or space), just one below. (i.e. “If “so” is on a line, “mi” is on a line. If “so” is on a space, “mi” is on a space.”)
  • Wolf and game

Lesson 6

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale
  • Play solami.
  • Sing Bounce High and Wolf with hand signs
    • I notate on board.
  • Lucy Locket
    • Teach song
    • Students sing along and try to find if pitches go up or down.
    • Notate on board. Add stems (quarter and eighth notes) where appropriate.
  • Felt staffs – 5-lined side – review how to find so-mi
  • Wolf – or Lucy Locket if all students have had turns

Lesson 7

  • Do Re Mi & sing entire scale
  • Play solami.
  • Floor staff: review how to find so – mi. Teach how to find la.
  • Partners: purple felt staffs
  • Sing Lucy Locket, then notate again on board – if time, play game

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4 thoughts on “2nd Grade Melody Lessons 1-7”

  1. From an orchestra teacher now in a general music position and teacher’s manuals from 1988(!), I can’t thank you enough for sharing these awesome resources. They are incredibly helpful and the kids are having a lot of fun with the ideas that you have shared.

  2. Hi, I am teaching primary school music for the first time this year after much middle school and high school teaching, and this has been invaluable. I am so grateful to you! Hopefully I can help to share back in the future 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Hello!

    This blog page has become an invaluable resource to me, and I wanted to thank you so much for your incredible hard work and generosity. As a middle school/high school music teacher who’s been teaching primary for the past 6 months, this page has become so important to me! Thank you!xx

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