Three Blind Mice and Variations


Three blind mice (repeat)
See how they run (repeat)
The all ran after the farmer’s wife
Who cut of their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a sight in your life as
Three blind mice.

And the variations…

Three decrepit rodents. (repeat)
Observe how they motivate. (repeat)
They all pursued the agriculturist’s spouse
Who cut off their appendages with a culinary cleaver.
Have you ever witnessed such a phenomenon in your existence
As three decrepit rodents?

Three myopic rodents. (repeat)
Observe how they perambulate. (repeat)
They all circumnavigated the agriculturist’s significant other
Who amputated their extremities with a carving utensil.
Did you ever observe such an occurrence in your existence
As three myopic rodents?

Three rodents with serious visual impairments. (repeat)
Notice the manner in which they perambulate. (repeat)
They all pursued the agriculturist’s spouse
Who dissected their caudal appendages with a carving utensil?
Have you previously witnessed a spasm of events in your era
Similar to three rodents with serious visual impairments?

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