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Handouts / Worksheets / Assessments

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  1. Parts of the Recorder, Word Search, Recorder Printable, Staff Printables, Parent Note
  2. Starting Recorders – Lesson Ideas
  3. Recorders are coming – PPT

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4 thoughts on “Recorder Printables”

  1. Where do you keep the students’ recorders in the classroom? With five 4th-grade classes, I’m trying to figure out the most logical way of storing that many recorders!

    1. I feel your pain! I use shallow bins that allow the recorders to lie down. (Many kids bring their recorders back and forth to their lockers/backpacks, so I don’t need to store one recorder per student.) The bins are stored on top of furniture, such as file cabinets – and they can be stacked on one another if needed. In the past, I’ve used plastic bins that store the recorders standing up.

  2. My husband drilled 2 1/2 inch holes in cardboard boxes for me. (Yeah, I’d like something better but I’ve used these for 8 years and they still look great!) The holes are about 3 inches apart … my boxes are large enough to hold 15 – 20 recorders. (I teach them for 2 years.) The boxes are placed on a table. Works great for me … my room isn’t a large room either. I didn’t like the idea of the recorders sitting in a plastic crate together (germs!) and this really streamlines the beginning and end of class!

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