Every year I send home to explain to the parents that we are using recorders in class and that each student will need to have a recorder. If you are trying to convince parents that recorders are useful in the music classroom, see this article for reasons why.

But here are a few details.

The three B’s are:

  • Buy – I tell the students they are welcome to buy a recorder from me. Every year I place an order from Peripole. I buy recorders for about 75% of the next year’s 4th graders. NOTE: The school has a “recorder account.” I turn the money in to the office, and it is deposited into that account. When I buy more recorders in the spring, I use the money from that account.
  • Bring – Students can bring recorders from home. I tell them to not buy a recorder from the dollar store.
  • Borrow – I have a collection of used recorders. I put a piece of electrical tape with the student’s name on the recorder. The student uses that same recorder for the whole recorder unit. At the end of the unit, I take the used recorders home and wash them on the top rack of my dishwasher.

Much more information is available in my recorder book and bundle! Check it out!

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