3rd Grade Melody Lessons 1-9

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

I combine the melody lessons with teaching about African American Spirituals. I begin with parts of the DVD below.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Follow Drinking Gourd (vs. 1)
  • Review This Train
    • Add instruments

Lesson 4

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Follow Drinking Gourd (vs. 1)
  • Introduce do, re, mi
  • Play solami, use re, do as well as mi, so, la
  • Introduce another Spiritual: Oh, Won’t You Sit Down– students clap on “sit” while I sing.
    • Teach “do, re”and echo “mi, re, do” – show xylophone bars on board
    • Where in song is “mi, re, do” Discover “look around”.
    • Put together with claps and hand signs.
    • I show them xyl how to play the part.
    • show xyl parts:
      • GD: Pat on “sit”, then clap on “sit” (alternate)
      • End: play mi, re, do (B-A-G)
    • Show: staff, treble (G) clef, G line, how to write do, re, mi.

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

  • Don’t Laugh
  • Review: staff, treble (G) clef, G line, how to write pentatonic scale
  • Sun Don’t Set – add xyl part

Lesson 7

  • Don’t Laugh
  • Review how to write pentatonic scale
    • Me draw G (pentatonic) scale on board – show pattern of steps and skips
    • Pass out purple felt staffs, students work in partners, I walk around and help
  • Solami game
  • Chicken on the Fence Post   (other pentatonic songs)    (other songs with Orff arrangements)
    • xylophones: F/C on half note beat, then “la so mi re do” (See “simpler version” on the bottom of the post)

Lesson 8

  • Don’t Laugh
  • Music Handwriting Practice – I show how to do first measure and eighth notes in measure #4. They finish, then show me, then go back to riser to practice how to play the patterns on paper xylophone.
  • When all done, I sing one of the patterns, they play on paper xylophone.

Lesson 9

  • Don’t Laugh
  • Pass out Handwriting Practice papers again.
    • Paper xylophone practice
    • Take turns on “real” xylophones
  • Teach Peas Porridge Hot chant
    • Use patterns on paper to practice phrases in chant
    • Play on paper xylophone
    • Play on “real” xylophones

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