4th Grade Rhythm Lessons 7-12

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Show rhythm visuals – Say rhythms with instruments. Put students in groups, and each group gets a turn to lead, while the rest of the class echoes. Add instruments.
    • Triangles, Guiros, Cabasas, Hand drums, Claves, Maracas
  • Check Yourself 1 – go over answers
    • I do dictation, they write down on paper what I did.

Lesson 9

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Written assessment practice – show them a copy of assessment so they know what to expect
  • Review all notes/rests on the board (colored cards mixed up)
  • Lil Liza Jane
    • clap on “oh Eliza”  (later, add hand drums & claves)
    • snap on rests (later, add cabasas & triangles)
    • Intro SYNCOPATION = “Lil’ Liza Jane” (later, add guiros & tambourines)

Lesson 10

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Written Assessment: Rhythmic Dictation
  • Canoe Song – PPT
    • Sing
    • Ask students to figure out where the syncopated patterns are

Lesson 11

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Review notes & rests with colored cards on board
    • Review “tam-ti ta ta” pattern – with cards on the board
    • Review “Ti ta ti”
  • Canoe Song – PPT
    •  Sing
    • Again, figure out where syncopation
    • Clap rhythm, one riser each line – 2 risers play xylophone part
    • Add instruments:
      • Bells, finger cymbals, maracas, triangles
    • Weevily Wheat    (more songs with hand clapping games)
      • I sing
      • Students find syncopation

Lesson 12

  • Don’t Laugh at Me
  • Review note names
    • Review “tam-ti ta ta” pattern – with cards on the board
    • Review “Ti ta ti”
  • Weevily Wheat – Add movements
  • New notes: Introduce sixteenth notes – show rhythm cards

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