3rd Grade Rhythm Lessons 1-6

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 1 – Introduction

 > I do the following lessons after my November 3rd grade program, which will explain the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah-themed songs. <

Lesson 2 – Rhythm

Lesson 3 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song / Friendship or Positive Song
  • Old King Cole
    • Review chant and hand clapping
    • See rhythm cards on board – Review half note, quarter note, eighth notes, time sig, measure
    • As we chant “A,” I pick a student to rearrange notes into a 4-beat pattern.  Then we chant pattern.
  • Echoing Rhythms
    • Pass out instruments (I name and demonstrate each one and explain the rule of instruments: if anyone plays when they are not supposed to, they lose the chance to play.)
      • Membranes: Hand drums  / tambourines
      • Woods: Woodblocks  / claves
      • Metals: Triangles  / Finger cymbals
    • In front, I have tubano (membrane), temple blocks (wood), suspended cymbal (metal). I do a 4-beat rhythm pattern on one, whoever has the same “family” of percussion echos.
  • Long Legged Sailor
    • Students learn to sing and try to do hand jive in the air.
    • As time permits, students do hand jive in partners.

Lesson 4 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song / Friendship or Positive Song
  • Old King Cole
    • Same as last lesson. Choose different students to rearrange cards.
  • Put cards (turkey, mashed potatoes, Don’t forget the stuffing, Pumpkin pie) on board.  Make 4-ms. pattern. Barline, measure, t.s.
    • Back to seats, pass out instruments – pick up where we left off
    • Perform 4-ms pattern with me putting colored dots above each ms. to indicate which risers play (all blues play together)
  • Long Legged Sailor + hand clapping
    • Add xylophone on FC – if time

Lesson 5 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song / Friendship or Positive Song
  • Look at Long Legged Sailor rhythm cards:
    • Put “Long” “Legged” “Sailor” cards up on the board. Ask students, “Would these measures fit into my t.s. of 4?” (Answer: “NO” – Lead them to understand that we need to add quarter rests)
    • Sing song + hand clapping – students find partners
    • Add xylophones on FC – some students with partners, some on xylophones
  • BOOK: Rumble in the Jungle
    • I read a few of the pages (the ones that have corresponding rhythm cards)
    • Show rhythm cards – “ta” through each rhythm card.
    • Introduce whole note* with the snake card.
  • O Hanukkah   (more Hanukkah songs)   (Christmas songs)
    • Put cards with “hints” for Hanukkah on the board – students say rhythms “Festival of lights,” etc. Ask students if they know what holiday is referred to.
    • Intro O Hanukah PowerPoint.  Explain words.
    • Show dreidel.
    • Sing through song.
    • Roll dreidel to find out which notes to play, class sings.
    • Put together with “B” (board “hints”) – tambourines.

Lesson 6 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song / Friendship or Positive Song
  • Rumble in the Jungle
    • Review rhythm cards
    • Review whole note
    • Pass out instruments in groups (each group is one animal rhythm)
    • Students switch instruments as time permits

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6 thoughts on “3rd Grade Rhythm Lessons 1-6”

  1. I am sooo enjoying your blog. Thank you for sharing all your work. I am truly interested to know what other general music teachers teach in their classrooms.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your curriculum resources and lessons! This is only my second year teaching elementary music and I have been trying to create a meaningful, standards-driven curriculum for my students. Your blog has been a HUGE help!!


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