3rd Grade Rhythm/Meter Lessons 7-12

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 7 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song
  • Review notes and rests: quarter, eighth, half, whole
  • Note cards on board – Rearrange cards into 4/4. Use terms: time signature (“meter”), measure, barline
  • O Hanukkah
    • 4 “hints” – chant rhythm cards
    • Sing song = Section A
    • Section B = hints / rhythm cards
    • Ask them, “Which part has melody?” (Section A)
    • Put in form: AB
    • Divide class in half
      • Half the class = A = song and xylophone part (roll dreidel to determine which rhythm will be played on the xylophone) – Students who aren’t playing xylophones sing and pantomime xylophone part
      • Other half the class = B = hints / rhythm cards played on tambourines – Students who don’t have xylophones, clap and say rhythms

Lesson 8 – Rhythm/Meter

  • Welcome Song
  • Review: METER = time signature
  • “Ta” 4 measures of 4/4, then 4 measures of 3/4
    • Say, “Oh yeah! It’s hard to do meter in 3 until we get ready by singing a song in 3 first!”
  • America
    • Go back to the 3/4 measures on the board. Review DOTTED HALF NOTE.
  • Rhythm Performance Practice – practice again as before. Assess next time.
  • Rhythm: Notes & Rests Worksheet / Assessment – help students to fill in the names of the notes and rests. Collect papers.

Lesson 9 – Rhythm/Meter

  • America – sing through once
  • Rhythm Performance – practice a few times, then assess (3 to 4 students at a time). The rest of the students must stay quiet and either practice the rhythms in their heads or close their eyes.
  • Rhythm Worksheet – pass out again and review the answers. Tell students there will be a written rhythm quiz next time. Tell them they will need to recognize the name of the note/rest. Do some practice examples on the board. Students take papers home to study if they need to.
  • If time, Austrian Went Yodeling – start to tell the story and sing the song, adding motions

Lesson 10 – Rhythm/Meter

  • America – teach sign language to some of the nouns.
  • Rhythm Written Assessment
  • When all students are finished, review songs in 3: Take Me Out to Ball Game, Austrian Went Yodeling
  • “Ta” measures on board in 3
  • Introduce Ya Ya We – Show PowerPoint
    • Put a gathering drum (which mimics a Native American drum) – 5 students at a time, each with a drum mallet – play all beats, accent beat 1 while other students sing

Lesson 11 – Rhythm/Meter

  • Sing songs in 3 while patching beats and accenting beat 1:
  • America, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Austrian Went Yodeling (show examples of yodeling on youtube)
  • Practice listening in 3 or 4 (on my keyboard, I have a lot of pre-recorded songs) – Show a list of songs we’ve sung this year – As we go through the the list and sing a few bars of each, we figure out which ones are in 3 and which are in 4.
  • Measures on board in 3
  • Ya Ya We
    • Gathering drum in middle – show examples of Native American pow wow (see examples on this post)
    • Demonstrate strong beat on 1 (5 to 6 players) in the middle of a circle
    • Other students sitting in a circle around the players. Pass out boomwhackers to 6 players.
    • Students who aren’t playing the drum or boomwhackers need to sing
    • Trade.

Lesson 12 – Rhythm/Meter

  • America
  • Listen to examples of songs on keyboard in 3 and 4
  • Review all songs we’ve sung- which are in 3?
  • Rhythm Meter assessment
    • NOTE: This can be a difficult assessment for the students. During the assessment, I pat the strong beat for them to help them. They also have trouble filling in the names of songs in 3 and 4. If you have the chance, it’s helpful to spend more lessons on more songs in 3. It takes awhile for them to get used to it. There are other songs in 3 on this post.

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