2nd Grade Rhythm Lessons 7-12

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 7 – Rhythm

Lesson 8 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song
  • Four White Horses
    • If time, half of class watch other half perform, give compliments.
  • BOOK: Dance! (Schumaker)
    • Intro by saying music is in our bodies – we will learn a circle dance.
  • Circle dance: Shake Them ‘Simmons Down    (more movement songs)
    • I sing, they do it the actions I sing: circle left, circle right
    • When I say “shake,” they face middle, then I show them the shake motion.
  • All facing chalkboard, I show 3 cards with rhythms. Review quarter, eighth notes, quarter rest and chant patterns.
    • Which pattern is “circle left?” (ti-ti ta) Which pattern is “do oh, do oh?” (ti-ti ti-ti) Which pattern is “down … ?” (ta, rest)
    • I put them in order, add repeat sign, double barline, barlines, time sig, naming everything and asking the class to echo the words.
  • BOOK: Catalina Magdalina

Lesson 9 – Rhythm

Lesson 10 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song
  • Rhythmic dictation
    • Explain dictation. I demonstrate filling the boxes with rhythms, both with and without note heads – I explain they must “color in” the note heads if they use them.
    • Put 4 boxes on the board, I say a 4-beat rhythm, they echo (and clap). I repeat, they repeat. Then a student comes to the board and writes the notes in the boxes. I repeat the pattern one more time (kids echo) as we check the student’s work. On the board:
      • Without note heads (I make no big deal about how to draw a quarter rest. I just tell the kids to write a squiggle, because let’s be honest: professional musicians squiggle when they write quarter notes! I do, however, make a more big deal about writing notes, since as they get older they’ll be putting notes on the staff, and they have to be picky about which line or space the note is on.)
    • Pass out Bow Wow Wow dictation cards to the students. I first say the words “bone, gym shoes, bone, (I make a motion of nothing – like my hands out to the side in an “I don’t know” gesture – which signifies the empty dog house).” After a couple turns like that, I say rhythm syllables instead. Students rearrange their cards, and we check our work every time.
  • Four White Horses
  •  Stay in same groups, do Shake Them Simmons dance: circle L, circle R, L hand star, R hand star
  • If time, Catalina Magdalena

Lesson 11 – Rhythm

  • Welcome Song
  • Rhythmic dictation – same as last lesson
  • Shake Them Simmons – add xylophones on GD
    • Add “Swing your partner” and “Do si do”
  • 2nd Grade Rhythm Cards – activity

Lesson 12 – Rhythm

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