Nutcracker-1st grade

I start by telling the students the Nutcracker story and playing key pieces of music. There are several good books out there, but I like telling the story myself with the help of the drawings from a coloring book. We focus on two pieces: March and Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.

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  • Listening Maps: March & Sugar Plum Fairy


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3 thoughts on “Nutcracker-1st grade”

  1. I am at two schools and I find myself frantic trying to put together two different christmas programs for the two schools each year. Although I recycle one and learn a new one for school A and school B. I rarely have time to find something for the children who are not involved in those programs. I printed off Beth’s Nutcracker lesson plan ideas saying “I love this woman” thank you for doing all of the leg work for us music teachers. Especially us “newbies”. Much appreciated! Happy Holidays!

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