Why use recorders?

Reasons to Use Recorders*

  • A melody instrument – with the ability to sustain tones. Many of the other Orff instruments don’t hold those half and whole notes.
  • Helpful for those students who can’t match pitch or are uncoordinated with mallets.
  • A real instrument with a long history and great repertoire
  • Helpful for teachers to use – to save your voice and for male teachers to demonstrate in the students’ vocal range
  • Portable and personal (everyone has one in their hands)
  • Cheap – for those who want to buy them
  • Washable – for those who want to borrow a class recorder. I put a piece of electrical tape on the class recorder with the student’s name. That recorder is used the whole year by that one student. At the end of the year, I take those recorders home and put in them in the top rack of the dishwasher.


My favorite recorder

Peripole® Angel Baroque Soprano Halo® Recorder

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2 thoughts on “Why use recorders?”

  1. Kimberly Haggard

    do your students have a problem hitting notes over middle finger d? Mine have found it difficult. My students have also had a hard time hitting low C. Also the intonation on those recorders drives me batty. I switched to Yamaha recorders and it’s fixed most of those problems.

  2. Kimberly,

    I don’t teach notes higher than high D, nor do I require students to learn low C. I feel like they have trouble enough with low D.

    I like Yamaha also. Funny, the Peripole recorders don’t bother me. It’s when the students buy recorders at the dollar store that I can’t stand! 😉

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