Jul 172017

I am a Fine Musician


I am a fine musician, I practice every day,
And people come from miles around, just to hear me play:

1. My trumpet, my trumpet, they love to hear my trumpet.
Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta!

2. My tuba, my tuba, they love to hear my tuba.
Oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-oa, oom.

3. My trombone, my trombone, they love to hear my trombone.
Da, da, da-da-da,
Da, da da da da, da, da!

4. My piccolo, my piccolo, they love to hear my piccolo,
Dee-dee-deet, deet, deet, dee-dee deet, deet, deet.
Dee-dee-dee-dee-deet deet dee-dee-dee-dee-deet!


Song pdf with chords (in 2 keys) & midi below


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