Where art thou, where art thou, where art thou flying
Over the buttercup hill?
Say art thou, say art thou, say art thou hieing S
wift to the road or the rill?
Cuckoo! cuckoo! Cuckoo! cuckoo!
Over the buttercup hill.

Oh my bird, oh my bird from my sight faded,
Now can I see thee no more;
Gone like the light which a tempest has shaded,
Lost like a wave on the shore.
Cuckoo! cuckoo! Cuckoo! cuckoo! Now I can see thee no more.

Where art thou once again calling and dancing
Like a wild fay in thy flight!
Out of the gloom of the cedar boughs
Glancing With a clear note of delight.
Cuckoo! cuckoo! Cuckoo! cuckoo!
With a clear note of delight.


Below: Song pdf with chords, my simplified version & midi


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