Sep 022016

Village Watchman


1. Watchman makes night’s first round. Mother says, “What is that sound?”
Zing, zing, zing. Hear mosquitoes sing. Hear them zing, zing, zing…

2. Watchman makes second round. Father says, “What is that sound?”
Gih, gih, gih, calls the mouse to him.
Hear him gih, gih, gih…

3. Watchman makes night’s third round. Sister says, “What is that sound?”
Mew, mew, mew howls the cat outside.
Hear him mew, mew, mew…


Song pdf with chords, printable & digital visual aids (rhythm & recorder parts), recorder (notes D,E,G,A,B,D’), student copies, Orff arrangement & midi below


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