Jun 012016

Bees' Party


1. The bees gave a party and invited all they knew:
The wasps and the hornets and a few mosquitoes, too.
Yo-ho, and hey, every orchard tree was humming with a
Buzz, buzz, buzz on that sunny summer day.

2. The bees said, “Good day, and won’t you make yourself at home?”
The band played sweet music, which it made upon a comb
A lovely scene was that happy party, gaily singing
Buzz, buzz, buzz as they danced upon the green.

3. Miss Wasp asked the bumblebee if he would sing a song.
She said they would listen if it wasn’t very long.
The bee said, “Oh, very gladly I will sing for you, but
Hum-sweet-hum is the only song I know.”

4. The hours passed too quickly and the day was too soon sped
The wasps and the hornets said “good-night” and went to bed
But ho! and hey! the mosquitoes never stopped their singing
Buzz-buzz-buzz ’til the dawning of the day.


Song pdf with chords & Orff arrangement and midi below


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