Mar 162016

Nenn ne ko Japanese Lullaby

This is from the Chugoku region.


1. Nenn’-ne-ko sass-yari mase
Net-a ko no  ka-wa-i sa
O-ki te na-ku ko no, tsu-ra ni-ku-sa
Nenko-roro, nenko-roro, nenko-roro.

2. Kyo wa ni jugo nicho sa
Asu wa kono kono miyama-i-ri
Nenko-roro, nenko-roro, nenko-roro

3. Mi-ya e mait-ta toki Nan to yu-te o-gamu sa
Is-sy-o kono kono ma-mena yoni
Nenko-roro, nenko-roro, nenko-roro.


1. Go to sleep
A sleeping child is lovable.
A wakeful crying child is ugly.

2. So go to sleep.
This is the twenty-fifth day.
Tomorrow is your first visit to the shrine.

3. So go to sleep.
When we go to the shrine
What shall we pray for?
That this baby grow up to be hard-working all his life.


Song pdf with chords & midi below


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