Jun 122015

Song of the Dragon


See the dragon come on a hundred legs
He brings us all good cheer; him we do not fear!
Long life and peace and joy in the bright new year!

Chinese title: Feng Yang Hua Gu

There are so many online resources for Chinese New Year! Here are just a few:

The date is usually between the end of January and mid-February. Find out the date this year by clicking here.


Below: Song pdf, Orff Arrangement with Recorder Ostinato Parts (notes C,D,E,G,A,C’) and (D,E,F#,A,B) & midi


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  1. […] based on a traditional Chinese folk song.  For those who can read music, the melody can be found here.  In order to teach the children the song, the words were written on chart paper.  We then added […]

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